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Controlling the Ingredient Declaration - agileChilli

Facilities exist within agile:NPDtech that allow you to control how the ingredient declaration is displayed within the Specification document. This is chosen on a product by product basis within the Specification tab of the product. The software offers several options depending on your needs. The best way to explain their differences is to use an example.

In our scenario we have an example recipe for Beef pie… A beef and onion mix with a shortcrust pastry topping. Using the “Simple” ingredient declaration style all the primary ingredients including the pastry are listed in weight order.

The Pastry obviously has its own recipe. If needed, the software provides further options for showing the ingredients involved in the pastry. Either as a) Sub recipe or b) with its ingredients “Exploded”.

Sub Recipes

There are two Sub recipe options depending on how condensed you would like the information – regular or condensed, but both simply list the constituent ingredients against the Pastry. This may be familiar as a “tree diagram” and is useful for clearly separating out all the parts of the recipe. 


This display method removes the sub recipes, by taking its ingredients and combining them (in the right proportion) into the parent recipe. This includes combining any ingredients that may appear in both (often the case with salt). 

As you can see in the picture below the proportion of salt is now 1.2% whilst in the simple recipe it was below 1% and so not declared.

Manual Declaration

This option stops the NPDtech software from recalculating the ingredient declaration allowing the user to manually control the declaration.

Declare PCT over

This tick box controls which ingredients will have a percentage value after them. Often people wish to remove the percentage value for the very small ingredients. In our example we have chosen to hide the percentage declared for anything that contributes less than 1% to the overall recipe. 
If you wish to hide ALL percentages simply set this value to 100. Conversely if you require every ingredient to have its precise percentage contribution declared, set the value to 0.  

Other Information

The Ingredient Declaration is an important aspect of labelling your products. For more info see (


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