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Complaints - agileChilli

Info on Complaints

The complaints form allows you to capture the details of an incoming complaint or issue.

The system is setup to help you capture the necessary depth to enable you to appropriately handle the complaint, however you should follow your own companies documented complaint handling procedures and process.

“Who is making the complaint?” – The system allows you to capture the details of the person making the complaint whether it be your company’s customer or an end consumer.

Handling the complaint

Use the facilities provided to capture all relevant details from the person making the complaint. This will allow you to decide whether the complaint is justified and if so, how sever the implications. Whatever the severity, “immediate corrective actions” should be undertaken and documented.

Depending on the severity of the complaint further functionality becomes available. A “major” severity complaint allows you to capture details of a refund, whist a “critical” severity requires you to look at “root cause” and “corrective actions”. Again, it is important to refer to your own company’s complaint handling procedures. The system allows you to allocate responsibility of tasks to individuals.

A “critical” severity complaint may require you to escalate the complaint. Facilities allow you to document your actions, from raising to your compliance manager to informing external parties such as FSA or initiating a product recall.

All complaints should eventually marked as closed, whilst “critical” severity complaints also have facilities to help capture details of your post complaint follow-up.

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