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Adding or editing a product - agileChilli

To add a new product, use the + icon on the left hand menu, or click on an existing product to edit it.


Add a product name, code and type. If the product is bought in then select ‘Bought’ that on the drop down to be able to add a Specification Document from the supplier. If the product is made on site, select ‘Made’ and the tabs below will update to attach a recipe.


Status of Ingredient

Use this drop down to select whether the product is used as an ingredient in other products.npd-add-product-status-ingredient

If it is a finished product, for example, a Christmas Cake, select ‘Not used as an ingredient’

Status of a product

You can select at what stage the product is at here, whether it is just an idea to explore, still in development, or a live product being sold.

Product tabs

Here you are able to attach documents, briefs and add further details about the product.

Manage all samples out, keep a handle on development costs, and milestones.



Within Item Details > Development, use the Key Stage dropdown to track your project’s progress.




To enter a recipe, please see Creating a Recipe

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