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Deleting users - agileChilli

Removing users

Sometimes a user account need to be deleted, if for example someone leaves the company.

Firstly, note that deleting a user account does not delete any data in agileBase associated with that account. Any records that they might be marked as the ‘owner’ of, or that they created will remain.

agileBase has a facility to log user accounts against records, e.g. to mark a salesperson as the ‘owner’ of a sales enquiry. In this case, if the user is deleted, their name will still appear against the record afterwards. You might want to do some cleanup, e.g. some global editing to re-assign these records.

The deletion process

  1. Go into the administration interface (click the bird logo at the top left of the homepage)
  2. At the left, scroll down and expand the Administration section
  3. Under that, click users
  4. There’s a column of tickboxes at the right, tick the name you want to remove
  5. Click the cross (delete) button in the toolbar at the top. You’ll be asked to confirm the deletion

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