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Two factor authentication

A lot of customers store business-critical or confidential data in their systems, so protecting access is very important. Today we introduce another tool in the data-protection armoury and we encourage all users to enable it.

This facility it two-step authentication, sometimes called ‘two-factor’ authentication. The idea is that data is protected both by something you know – a password, and something you have, in this case a mobile phone.

Normally the person logging in will just use their password as normal. However if they are logging in for the first time from a new location or with a new device, agileBase will now send a code by text message to them. Only by typing in the code can they log in.



To turn this on, each user just has to enter their phone number. To do this as a user, log in to agileBase as normal and click your name at the top right of the screen.


How to add a phone number


Enter your number and press OK.

As an administrator, you can enter numbers for all your users from the administration interface if you’d like to. The phone number field is in the user details screen for each user, under their email address.

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