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Traditional, planning and timeline views in Calendars - agileChilli

agileBase can show any a view that contains a date/time. Typically, the views, displayed down the left, show data such as

  • individual people’s diaries
  • training records
  • production / fabrication planning
  • scheduled machine maintenance
  • etc.


Across the top,  you can select to see either

  • a whole month, where weeks numbers and days are displayed
  • a more ‘zoomed-in’ view of a week
  • a detailed view of a day, with times of day shown


You can also choose to see this as either a traditional calendar, our as a timeline.


Simply open the calendar and select one of the six types at the top – month, week or day or month grid, week grid or day grid. Every time you change types, that newly selected type will become the default the next time you open the calendar.

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