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How do I export data to Excel? - agileChilli

Exporting data from agileBase

Open up the tile the data is in and click the view you want to export from.

Clicking on the printer icon opens a pop up window which has the option of exporting to excel:

You will get a spreadsheet containing all rows, plus data for any charts set up for the view, one spreadsheet tab per chart.

Privileges and administrator setup

The system administrator has a number of options to control data exports.


In the manage tab of a table, you can select whether the table contains commercially sensitive data (ticked by default) and/or personal data (see If either of these options is ticked, you’ll also be able to set up a notification if a user exports more than a certain number of rows

The system will also show you which groups of people have permissions to export – see below.


Firstly, anyone who has ‘manage’ privileges on a table can export data from it.

For other users, permissions can be set both at the view level and at the role level, so

  1. the user must belong to a role with export privileges (disabled by default)
  2. the view they want to export from must have exporting enabled (enabled by default)

To assign export privileges to a role, edit the role in the Administration section and tick ‘allow export’.

To allow exporting of a view, go to the manage tab of that view and tick ‘Allow users to export, if they’re also a member of a role with export privileges’

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