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Get API descriptions - agileChilli

For developers who use the agileBase API to create and update data within agileBase from a third party product, there’s a way to further automate the process.

agileBase will generate a compatible API description of any table you want to post to – that means if you deal with accounts for many agileBase customers, you can with a common query get the API details needed to interact with them.

Just make a POST request to

/agileBase/Public.ab with parameters

  • c = the company identifier (the table options screen will show this)
  • t = the table identifier (similarly shown by the options screen)
  • describe_table = true

and the ‘Authorization’ header set to the API key (if the table requires one).

This also makes testing with Postman easier, since Postman can import a Swagger API description – so you don’t have to write a single line of code to test out an API.


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