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Bulk editing records - agileChilli

A major feature in agileBase is the ability to bulk edit many records at once. 

For example, if a field allowed you to select from a series of stages in a sales process and one of these options was “Qualified” and a decision was made to change the name of this stage to “Qualified Lead”, all the past records that had the value “Qualified” could be changed in one go.

To use this feature

  • filter a view to select the records you want to update and then
  • double click on the title of the column to edit,
  • click on the “EDIT FILTERED” button and
  • enter the new value.



This also works for adding or removing “tags” to multiple records. Global editing a tags field will prompt you to add a new tag value to all filtered records. Prefixing your tag with a minus sign will remove the tag from all records instead of adding it.


  1. Only people who have ‘manage’ privileges on a table will be able to bulk edit
  2. Only fields from a view’s parent table (the table the view was created from) can be bulk edited.
    In other words, to edit a field from a table, you have to use a view from that table. If you have two tables, people and organisations, you can’t bulk edit organisation name from a ‘people’ view, but you can from an ‘organisations’ view.

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