Better product clones

Our product clone facility is being extended, to optionally include further specification data, including nutritional values and allergens.

Auto-populating the packaging in specs

The packaging is now pulled into the specification template, so everything is where you need it.

Easier document downloads

We’ve improved this so you can access and download certain documents, like Specifications, when and where you need them. If you are in a view (list of rows), instead of having to click through to the individual record and then find the appropriate tab, you will be able to select and open the document from the relevant row.

Updated menus

We’ve just radically updated the menus in our software, rearranging them so it takes up a lot less space on your screen as is a lot easier to find what you’re after. Now each tile has a simplified main menu,  and we’ve popped the list of views under a drop down on each of the menu items, so it’s now really quick to find the view you want.

Access help more easily

The link to agileSpace from the software now opens in a separate tab. The link to this is in the top right hand corner of the screen, next to your user settings profile image. This makes it really easy to troubleshoot as you can follow the help tutorials alongside working through the steps in the product. Previously you had to use a different browser to have both open at the same time.

Keeping customer links when cloning

Sometimes you’ll have products that are dedicated to single customers. Now, to speed up your NPD process, it is possible to maintain the link to that customer when creating a clone – for example if you are responding to feedback from a sample and need to “make a spicier/milder version”, with one click you can clone the original and make the required changes.