Option to account for bake loss

We’re planning to add in the option to account for water loss adjustment (bake loss) in nutrition calculations, where required. This will be an option you can turn on and off as standard in your set up, and also control on a product by product basis.


Label printing integration

We’re looking forward to having our software integrate with some popular label printing software so it’s really easy to produce labels quickly and easily from the recipes you’ve built in agile:NPDtech.

Making sharing easier

Soon you will be able to email a link to a document to someone who is not a user of the agile:SA or agile:NPDtech software. The recipient will be able to access the document within the agileChilli application, but won’t be able to see anything else of your data.

Create eco-friendly food products

We’re looking at helping customers to track and prove how ecologically friendly their products and development processes are. One example is helping you to reduce the carbon footprint of products, including tracking food miles.

Sample allergen information

Soon it will be easy to inform sample recipients about any potential allergens present in the requested ingredient or product.