agile:Adapt is our combined technology and professional service offering for clients with rapid growth ambitions. It is designed for companies that are planning for growth that would move them beyond the boundaries of our two products for food manufacturers, agile:SA and agile:NPDtech.

agile:Adapt is designed to support ambitious, fast-growing companies using a combination of the functionality in our core software products and agile:Adapt development partners that support you in building additional, bespoke modules on our powerful platform, agileBase.


What is the agileBase platform?

agileBase is our uniquely flexible and secure cloud-based platform that our software for food manufacturers is built on. It provides a secure foundation on which to build enterprise-class software quickly, helping businesses to scale their software as they grow.

How will a hybrid software solution help your business?

Moving to bespoke software

Build a solid foundation on one of our “multi-tenanted” products – agile:SA or agile:NPDtech – before moving to your own dedicated solution, with bespoke modules that extend the existing functionality of the software.


Building your solution

We have a select number of partners who are first class in their knowledge of both software system development and, just as importantly, the food sector. This means the technical promise made available by the agileBase platform translates into real success.

What does it cost?

Avoid the high upfront and implementation costs associated with adopting a large, generic ERP system, and the risk that it just doesn’t fit your way of working. We offer an affordable solution that grows as you do, and is tailored to your business processes.

agile:Adapt development partners

We have a limited number of partners who are 1st class in their knowledge of both software system development and just as importantly, the Food Sector, means the technical promise made available by the agileBase platform translates into real success.

Richard Wilson, agile:Adapt partner

Richard Wilson, agile:Adapt Developer

At agileChilli he was core to the development team in helping us “productise” our version of agile:NPDtech and in the creation of our second product, agile:SA.

Richard is a Master agileBase Platform Developer and supports numerous IT departments with bespoke aB installations.

Nick Ajderian, agile:Adapt partner

Nick Ajderian - agile:Adapt Partner

Nick started assisting with the development of Chilli software in 2003, and has been involved ever since. Nick now takes the lead in supporting two of our Chilli clients. He’s also worked with the agileBase platform, including working with integration with other software.

How customers have used our hybrid software to support growth

Many of our long standing clients joined agileChilli at an early stage in their adoption of enterprise style software and systems.

In this early phase, what they really wanted was an inexpensive starter system that they could implement quickly. Something to get them off on the right track and begin delivering a pay back on their investment in as short a time as possible. However, they were also searching for more than just a short term solution.

A solution that could be developed with additional functionality over time, to cover a far broader range of needs; one that wouldn’t need replacing when they had outgrown it, a few years down the line.

agileChilli hybrid software solutions fully meets both these short term concerns and long term goals.


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