agile:NPDtech speeds up your new product development. Here are some of the ways that the software makes it easy to create new products and track progress. It’s super quick to see suppliers approved for an ingredient, and to run through the approval process with a new one so nothing gets in the way of your NPD progress and getting products out and onto shelves quickly. Everything is all together in one place, ready for audit, and easy to access from anywhere.


This is one of the most powerful parts of the software and really sets us apart.

Our automatic Chaser functionality alerts relevant people about tasks, or items that are coming up for renewal, meaning you don’t have to. You can easily see and track when alerts have gone out within the software or via a report. What’s even better is they can respond via an online link and the response is automatically pulled into agile:NPDtech, meaning all you have to do is approve it, saving you so much time.
The Chaser will help keep accreditations or documents with an expiry up to date, collect ingredient specifications, and feedback on samples sent out, as well as a huge range of other tasks.


My Tasks

agile:NPDtech helps you to manage your time more efficiently and keep up to date with jobs requiring attention. Pre-built filters throughout many of the 24 modules highlight jobs that are assigned to you and make up immediate and longer term to do lists, as well as things requiring attention or designated to you to manage. Easily see your day to day jobs, and get an overview of where the team is at.

Auto-calculated data

As recipes are built using agile:NPDtech, the software automatically pulls in data from all over, meaning you only have to input things once and full specifications can be created in minutes. Information from the ingredients, such as nutritional data and allergens, automatically aggregate and any changes made to the recipe automatically recalculates. The ingredient declaration is automatically generated on the click on a button.


Clone products

It’s really easy to create copies of products where you want to change some of the ingredients to a recipe – either to create a range of product variants, or to respond to feedback on a sample that has been sent out to a potential customer. This is especially useful in speeding up your product development so you can spend time on being creative rather than rebuilding recipes from scratch.


External Data Links

Want to create a new recipe but don’t yet have all the ingredients added? agile:NPDtech lets you calculate the nutritional data from a suitable product within McCance & Widdowson reference data if there is a close match, letting you carry on creating products while a suitable supplier is approved or ingredient sourced.

The software also pulls in an auto populated list of Food Alerts from the Food Standards Agency. Any potential matches with ingredients, made products or suppliers that are logged in the software are flagged to be reviewed to ensure you can mantain a safe supply chain.

The software has the facility to show you have read each alert, log any required follow-up actions and the to alert your colleagues, where relevant. This ensures alerts can be immediately acted upon.


Automated Document Generation

agile:NPDtech is full of document templates that you can automatically export data into so it’s ready to fire off in the right format. The software will help in pulling together all the infomation needed to automatically generate all sorts of documents including labels for samples, product specification documents and kitchen instructions, meaning you don’t have to fill anything in twice or worry about version control. If an ingredient is updated in a recipe, all the relevant documents can be easily updated in the click of a button.